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    Basic Knowledge About Benzoyl Chloride

    Benzoyl chloride is one kind of organ chlorine compound. Usually, benzoyl chloride is colorless liquid and mainly used in the fields of oxide formation as well as dyestuffs, spices, drugs and resins. As for the whole benzoyl chloride series, there are many other important products, like acyl chloride, phosphorus pent chloride, and thionic chloride, etc.

    1. Manufacture

    Generally, photo chlorination of toluene is the most primarily method to produce benzoyl chloride. There are three main steps to complete the whole composition and manufacture process. Firstly, we should take a special treatment about the raw materials, putting the liquid chlorine into evaporator and removing the impurity particles in the filter after heating gasification. Next, the most important step is chlorination. Before this process, we should load 80% toluene in the chlorinator and then intake 0.85MPa vapor to the jacket. After heating to 90-100℃, we need to stop heating and intake the chlorine gas on a medium speed (about 0.13MPa). The third step is distillation and purification. A complete distillation system is composed of distillation still and rectification column. The benzoyl chloride is obtained at the top of the tower while the residue is discharged by the bottom of the kettle. In addition to the main three steps, there are two auxiliary steps: hydroids and acid recovery.

    2. Application

    As an important engineering material, benzoyl chloride becomes more and more favored along with the rapid development of chemical industry. Used as an initiator, benzoyl chloride is the mid-body of isolation. Mostly, the benzoyl chloride is used to produce benzoyl peroxide. And some of them are used as the raw chemical materials of production like biphenyl ketone, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cellulose, and benzamine. Besides, benzoyl chloride is also used for the initiating agent of plastic monomer polymerization, the catalytic agent of polyester, epoxy, and acrylic resin, the condensing agent of glass fiber, the cross-linking agent of flour silicone, and the decolorizing agent of oil refining and flour bleaching, etc.

    3. Eco toxicity

    Normally, benzoyl chloride has a strong excitant odor and the vast majority products of the benzoyl chloride series are poisonous. If leakage occurs, we should immediately evacuate to safety place and forbid irrelevant persons coming into the contaminated zone. It is suggested that the emergency processing personnel should wear a self-contained breathing apparatus and chemical protective clothes. After working in the benzoyl chloride environment, we need to take a bath and put on clean clothes. If we have any skin contact with this chemical reagent, we'd better remove the contaminative clothes and have a thoroughly irrigation. If we inhale it accidently, it is better to break away from the toxic field. If necessary, take an artificial respiration to keep the respiratory tract unobstructed.