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    Some Basic Knowledge about Benzoyl Chloride

    How much do you know about Benzoyl Chloride Series? Are they poisonous or innocuous? What are the colors of the benzoyl chloride? There is some basic knowledge about benzoyl chloride that you should know.

    Characters of Benzoyl Chloride Series
    The formula of benzoyl chloride is C6H5COCl. It is a kind of colorless liquid with pungent odor. And it is combustible. When the benzoyl chloride is exposed in the air, it will generate smog. And when people meet the steam, your eyes will be filled with tears. The materials are widely used in many industries. They can be used to make medicines, bleachers and dyestuffs.

    Safety of Benzoyl Chloride Series
    Sometimes Benzoyl Chloride Series are very dangerous. Because they may have violent chemical changes at high temperatures and pressures. And they will damage our health. There are some ways that may help you deal with emergencies.

    First, if you inhale benzoyl chloride, the benzoyl chloride may irritate eyes, nose and throat. And then you may have some symptoms, such as burning sensation, cough, shortness of breath and sore throat. And sometimes the symptoms may be delayed. Don't panic. You should be in the fresh air immediately and keep the airway open. Sometimes artificial respiration may be needed. And then if you feel unwell, you can go to see doctor.

    Second, if you ingest benzoyl chloride incautiously, you may have burning sensation and abdominal pain. And someone may be in shock. What should we do now? First step, you can rinse the mouth with milk or albumen. And please don't induce vomiting. Then you must go to hospital and have a checkup.

    Third, if benzoyl chloride gets into your eyes or touches your skin, your skin or eyes will be red. You will have burning sensation and feel pain. Now you must remove your contact lenses or contaminated clothes. And you must flush with large amounts of soap-suds for 15 minutes. Then you should be taken to hospital.

    If you work in a factory, you must use the benzoyl chloride carefully. I believe that specialized workers will know the importance of protective measures. Considering the risks of Benzoyl Chloride Series, we should take protective measures to avoid accident at work. For instance, you should have protective gloves, protective clothing and face shield, when you are working.

    Now I hope that you can learn some useful information from my introduction. When chemistry is a part of our life, we should try to know the advantages and disadvantages of the material.